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Preschools Move, But All Schools Move, too!

Love what we do at Preschool Moves and want to share it with older students?

What about the kids who have aged out of Preschool Moves?

We have you covered! Enter SCHOOL MOVES.

Based on popular demand, we’re bringing our years of experience, love of kids, and passion for dance to after school enrichment programs in the Boston area, catering to kids age 5-10.

We LOVE this opportunity to spread even more dancing joy to kids. Each class is taught by highly experienced instructors with the elementary age group who are passionate about the curriculum, and about teaching. 


Our older kids classes focus on ballet and jazz technique. They are accessible and engaging, allowing for a solid foundation in the disciplines. 

Because we understand all students deserve the best dance instruction, no matter what age they are.


elementary & after school kid's dance classes










All classes consist of stretching, traveling steps across the floor and choreography, focusing on musicality, balance, coordination, and of course fun! 

elementary kid's dance classes
Elementary kid's dance classes

Study after study shows how important movement is during the day. Especially the older kids get. With cell phone use and obesity rates on the rise, there’s never been more of a need from a health standpoint to provide opportunities for kids that encourage healthy habits, body positive principles and self confidence. And if it can ignite a love of dance along the way, we’ve done our job!

The benefits of dance are wide reaching.

Did you know that studies have shown that children who participate in dance lessons tend to perform better in the classroom based on the discipline and focus that they learn from dance?

elementary kid's dance classes
elementary kid's dance classes

Get your kids dancing with SCHOOL MOVES! Email to learn more.

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