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Boy Dancing in Kid's Dance Class

PRESCHOOL MOVES' mission is to
spread the joy of dance to as many preschool kids in the Boston area as possible. It was born out of the simple
idea that dance should be available and engaging to all preschool-aged children. PRESCHOOL MOVES has created inclusive, non gendered kid's dance class curriculum, because we know dance is so much more than tutus and fairies. All children are wired to dance and all children should experience the benefits of dance.

Children dancing in kid's dance class


Studies show that dance

and creative movement classes promote physical and emotional development, social awareness, and cognitive skills, as well as foster self expression, kinesthetic intelligence and an appreciation for the arts.
Imagine offering all that to your students in one class?

Little girl dancing in kid's dance class


We understand how important movement and creativity is for the preschool crowd and we are honored to provide an outlet for both. Add in some great music, a contagious appreciation for the arts, and a big dose of fun, and wonderful things can happen.
We love helping to nurture and enrich children’s days -- seeing their eyes light up in class, challenging them with new skills and watching them use their imagination and focus to bring a piece of themselves into their dancing. At Preschool Moves we love spreading dancing joy! One preschool plié at a time.


"PRESCHOOL MOVES joined the Preschool this year and it has been the biggest success! The children get very excited on the days Ms. Rachal comes. We met Rachal as a previous parent at our school and we were delighted to welcome her back as a dance teacher. She is absolutely fabulous with the children and does an amazing job engaging them all in her classes. Her lessons and music are age appropriate, and she was able to vary her classes to best fit each of our 3 age groups. Rachal has been an excellent addition to our program and we look forward to having her back!"

- Danielle Ball, The Preschool Experience, Newton Center, MA

“We are thrilled that our son’s preschool has added PRESCHOOL MOVES to the curriculum. Not only does it give him something he so excitedly wants to tell us all about at the dinner table, but we have also seen an increase in his creativity and confidence when we play music at home. We are so glad he is learning a new form of expression and new ways to engage with peers....certainly what Preschool is all about!”

- Preschool Parent, Caitlin Cusick

 "I love Ms. Rachal!! Her is always so happy! The toy store dancing game is the best! I love it because we are all laughing and dancing and it’s so silly!" 

- Preschool Student, Charlie C.  4 years old

"I like to sit still and not move to music."

- said no preschool kid ever.

A nice brazilian and caucasian kid jumpi
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