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We follow state and CDC guidelines for the health and safety of our students.


Per the latest state guidelines, masks are no longer required outside for children or adults. We will follow these state guidelines, as long as everyone maintains the social distancing set up in class. Of course, if preferred, you and your child may continue to wear a mask. 



When class is held inside, masks and distancing will be in effect, windows open, and heavy-duty air purifier on. In order to do this safely in the indoor space, we will have a limited amount of kids. As we head into our Winter Session, due to the latest omnicron variant, we will require K94 or K95 masks for all participants and teachers. (We will have a few on hand if needed.) Masks will be worn during class and must be worn in the building at all times.  

All teachers are fully vaccinated and boosted and will be properly masked (K95s) inside at all times.

If a guardian, caregiver, or student does not comply with the state guidelines or the additional health and safety guidelines outlined above they will be asked to leave. 




If you are a pod class, your teacher will arrive about 10-15 minutes before class starts to set up the dancing spaces and get ready for class. Prior to the first day of class, please communicate with Rachal how you would prefer your teacher to enter the backyard of your property. It is highly preferred that they gain access to the backyard through an outdoor space, rather than walking through the inside of the house. Please allow your teacher space to set up so they can be ready for class to start promptly at the designated time.



Class will be set up on the side of the Bowen Upper Field, as much in the shade as possible. There is ample parking at the field, so once you park, simply follow the path into the field, and you will see us! We will have socially distant dance spaces marked off. *Location is subject to change, due to unforeseen circumstances. If location needs to be changed, an alternate location very close to our original spot will be provided.



  • Ground Covering: Please bring a yoga mat for your child to dance on. A blanket or towel will also work. Since we will be on the grass or blacktop area, it will help for comfort as we do our “floor” stretches and also will aid in grounding everyone’s space.  

  • For our Creative Movement classes: We encourage kids to bring their favorite stuffed animal to our first class. They can be our “dancing buddies” and act as a nice transition for kids on the first day. Plus, it’s fun for us to meet everyone’s special friends! ;)

  • Students may choose to bring their own water bottle.



Please note that this class is subject to weather, though we don’t take cancelations lightly. We understand the need for kids to get outside with their dancing friends, especially during this time, so please be prepared to come to class dressed appropriately for the weather, including having an appropriate ground covering if necessary. If a class needs to be canceled due to weather, an email our text will be sent at least an hour to an hour and a half before class and an in person make up class will be offered. No refunds will be issued for the rain date.


If you need to cancel, after the first or second class, you will receive a refund for the remaining portion of the semester. After the third class, you will receive a 50% refund for the remaining portion of the semester. There will be no refund if you cancel after the fourth class. There is a nonrefundable registration fee of $10.00 for all families.


Class will meet on all holidays unless otherwise noted.


  • Clothing: Students are encouraged to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, however please be prepared to send your child to class dressed appropriately for the weather. If the kids aren’t warm enough it can become a distraction and impact learning. Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather, layering may be the way to go!

  • Footwear: If the weather allows, dance shoes, socks or bare feet is suggested. Otherwise, come ready to dance in snug fitting shoes that won’t fall off. ** Please no sandals or flip flops. **

DANCING PROPS (Ages 2-5): 

One prop bag per child will be distributed on the first day of class. Providing dancing props for this age group is one of the hallmarks of our teaching philosophy and helps keep students engaged, focused, having fun and using their imagination. ** Students and families are responsible for their own props and remembering to bring them to each class. **

Caring for Props: Though it is understandable that that kids will want to play with and explore their new dancing props at home, we ask that parents, guardians or caregivers put the prop bag in a safe location between classes to keep the props exciting and interesting for our classes, and in the best condition possible. Of course, when the season is over, the props are for the kids to do WHATEVER they would like with them, and to dance with them whenever they want.


During class time, prop bags are to be kept with the guardian, off on the side of our designated dancing space. This will help with distractions and help keep kids focused. When students are cued to get a prop from their prop bag, We’ll  send them to you, safely, to retrieve the prop and then when we’re done, kids will put the prop back in the bag on the sidelines. Props are not to be shared between children. 


  • Ages 2-5: A guardian or caregiver is required to be on location for the duration of the class.

  • Minimize distractions for ages 4 and up: Guardians/caregivers who stay on-site during class must set up far enough away to minimize distractions for the kids. If there's something urgent, they can, of course, head over to you, but otherwise we ask that they stay in class so that they can have uninterrupted learning time. Water bottles can be left with kids behind their dancing spots and the teacher will offer a water break in class if/when needed. 

  • Limit photos/videos: Though we don’t mind if you take short videos of your own child (and feel free to tag us on Instagram or Facebook if you’d like! We always appreciate social media love!), we do ask that you keep your videos to a minimum to provide the best learning experience for the kids. An exception to this is on our Class Showing Days during the school year, when the kids perform for their families. * All class content belongs to PSM/SM and classes in their entirety may not be shared.


Thank you all so much for your support and for encouraging dance in your child’s life.

We are so excited to dance with your children!


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